Greater Lafayette Commerce's Veteran Workforce Attraction Task Group
has three goals:

  1. Become more attractive to our veterans

  2. Market our attractiveness

  3. Welcome Veterans "home"

Our task force, made up of local veteran industry leaders, works to welcome home Hoosier military members and welcome military members from other states to their new home, Greater Lafayette.  Our members attend job fairs at bases in the Midwest and host job fairs in the local area targeted towards Hoosier Veterans.

We invest the majority of our time in our Welcome Home initiative.  Welcome Home is a concierge service for veterans and families relocating to Greater Lafayette.  Through this service, we:


  1. Create and support affinity groups at large manufacturers and businesses

  2. Assist families with any need they have while integrating into our community, so they feel welcome

  3. Maintain a website to connect Veterans with our local schools, churches, shopping, realtor/rental partners and additional military transition services:



Workforce Development Director

Kara Webb

337 Columbia St

Lafayette, IN 47901

(765) 742-4044

(765) 742-6276


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